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Syrian Girl (Maram Susli)

Maram Susli, also known as Mimi al-LahamPartisanGirlSyrian Girl, and Syrian Sister, is a Syrian Australian terrorist sympathizer.
She stands with all kinds of terror organizations worldwide, and in every war, she loves to sympathize with terrorists.
During the ongoing October 7th war, she spends her life promoting terrorist propaganda & antisemitic messages.
But as she loves to say, “It didn’t start on October 7th.” Her relationship with terrorists started a long time ago
After the October 7th massacre and to this day, she, along with other Hamas supporters on X, do everything in their power to cover up for Hamas

The Account Stands With

Hezbollah Terror Organization FlagHezbollah
The Islamic Republic of Iran: A Terrorist RegimeIRGC
Houthi Terror Organization FlagHouthi
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