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IDF spokesman update – 05/17, evening

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Recovery of Israeli Hostages

This evening, we update that the bodies of the Israeli hostages Yitzhak Galranter, Amit Boskila, and Shani Lok were recovered last night in a special operation conducted by the IDF and Shin Bet. Yitzhak, Amit, and Shani were at a nova party and fled to an area where, based on the reliable intelligence in our possession, they were brutally murdered by Hamas terrorists. Their bodies were then taken into the Gaza Strip.

Joint IDF and Shin Bet Operation

The bodies of the hostages were recovered from within the Gaza Strip in a joint operation involving special units of both organizations, working shoulder to shoulder over a prolonged period based on intelligence guidance from the Intelligence Corps and the Captured and Missing Persons Unit. This operation was also based on numerous investigations carried out by Shin Bet. The forces operated with professionalism and determination in a complex combat environment, risking their lives to bring back those killed for burial in Israel.

Identification and Notification

The recovered bodies were transferred for further identification processes by medical authorities at the Institute of Forensic Medicine. After completing the identification process, IDF representatives delivered the news to the families. The IDF and Shin Bet share in the families’ grief during this difficult time.

Call for Public Sensitivity

I urge the public to refrain from spreading rumors and to ensure the security of our forces by adhering only to official IDF spokesperson announcements. We commit to updating all information transparently, first to the families and then to the public through the media.

Continued Combat and Mission Priority

The fierce fighting continues across all sectors of the Gaza Strip, and the paramount mission to bring back the kidnapped men and women remains foremost for every commander and fighter in the field. We are employing extensive intelligence and operational efforts, which include fighting in complex locations at great risk. We will continue to use all available means to create the conditions necessary to bring home the kidnapped as quickly as possible.

Media Queries

Yoav from News 12 asked whether we know if the hostages were murdered on October 7th or later. It seems I referred only to some of the hostages. In response, I state again: Amit, Yitzhak, and Shani celebrated life at the nova party from which they fled when murderous terrorists arrived. Based on the reliable and confirmed intelligence we have, they were murdered there by the terrorists, and their bodies were taken into the Gaza Strip. Regarding operational details, I will not elaborate at this time to maintain the security of our forces.

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