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IDF spokesman update – 14.05, evening

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Field Operations Overview

I recently returned from an operational briefing in eastern Rafah alongside the Commander of the Southern Command, the Chief of the Operations Division, and the Commander of Brigade 162. We assessed the situation on the ground with the Givati Brigade and Brigade 401, active during the recent holidays. Currently, operations are ongoing at three strategic locations across Gaza: the north, center, and south of the Strip.

Combat Achievements and Memorial Day Activities

During Memorial Day and Independence Day, our forces have been extraordinarily effective, neutralizing approximately 100 terrorists in the southern Gaza Strip. Brigade 162 continues its targeted operations against Hamas strongholds and terror facilities in the Rafah area.

Tactical Developments in Rafah

Since initiating operations in Rafah, our forces have eliminated several terrorists, destroyed multiple launchers, and uncovered about ten underground tunnels. We’ve seized a significant cache of weapons, including anti-tank missiles and explosive devices. In a notable operation, we targeted a significant group of armed terrorists and explosive-laden vehicles within a UNRWA compound. These findings have been communicated to senior international figures, urging the UN to investigate UNRWA’s potential logistical ties to Hamas activities.

Central Gaza Operations

In central Gaza, led by Brigade 999, we’ve executed a broad operation in the Zaytoun area. This has resulted in the elimination of approximately 150 terrorists and the destruction of about 80 terrorist infrastructures. In collaboration with the General Security Service, we struck a central Hamas combat room located within a UNRWA school, which was instrumental in the October 7 terror attacks.

Northern Gaza Engagement

In northern Gaza, Brigade 98 is engaged in intensive combat within Jabaliya. To date, we’ve killed approximately 80 terrorists and destroyed numerous long-range rocket launchers and other military hardware. Our air force has conducted precise strikes in this region, successfully targeting over 1,000 terror-related objectives.

Casualties and Security Efforts

Regrettably, today witnessed the wounding of 14 of our soldiers, four critically. They have been evacuated to the hospital, and their families have been notified. We are hopeful for their full recovery. Additionally, a civilian was tragically killed by an anti-tank missile in Adamit, deepening our resolve to strengthen support for his family during this challenging time.

Security on Memorial and Independence Days

Our forces were strategically deployed along all borders—north, central, and the remote sectors of Gaza—to ensure the security of Israeli citizens. These deployments allowed us to mark these national days securely, despite ongoing conflict.

Looking Forward

Returning from eastern Rafah, our brigade commanders have reaffirmed their commitment to securing the release of hostages in the area. We remain determined to dismantle Hamas’ operational and governance infrastructures, particularly in places previously unattended like eastern Rafah. Questions regarding the political alternatives to Hamas should be directed to the political echelon, as our focus remains on military objectives and ensuring the safety of all Israeli citizens.

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