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“IDF’s Unrelenting Pursuit Against Terrorism: Operations, Raids and Destruction in the Gaza Strip”

IDF Spokesperson:

*IDF soldiers continue to operate in the Gaza Strip, eliminating terrorists, destroying terror infrastructures and locating combat means in civilian buildings in the Strip*

IDF forces continue to operate in the Strip area to destroy terror infrastructures, eliminate terrorists and locate combat means. In the past day, we have directed fighters from the combat team of the 7th Brigade in several attacks by aircraft in which terrorist infrastructures were attacked from which our forces were fired upon and several terrorists were eliminated.

Combat teams from the Givati Brigade carried out focused infantry raids in the Sheikh Zayed neighborhood in northwestern Jabalia. During the raids, Hamas observation points were located and destroyed in the area.

IDF fighters from the 14th Brigade raided the Beit Hanoun area. During the raid, the fighters found many weapons in one of the houses, including a Kalashnikov, axes, and weapons storages.
IDF fighters from Battalion 202 engaged in a battle with a group of terrorists, several of whom were eliminated.

IDF soldiers from the ‘Harel’ Brigade closed a loop and destroyed a tunnel infrastructure used by the Hamas terrorist organization, from which, a few days ago, a terrorist emerged and fired at our forces. In addition, IDF soldiers from the 261st Brigade located terrorists and combat means in a building that served the Hamas terrorist organization. The soldiers eliminated the terrorists and destroyed the building.

Also, as part of the support for ground forces, naval forces attacked several military targets of the Hamas terrorist organization today. Among the targets, a civilian building from which sniper fire was shot at our forces, as well as Hamas’s terror infrastructures along the coast.

Here is footage from the IDF’s activities in the Gaza Strip:

Here is footage of IDF strikes in the Gaza Strip:

Attached are pictures of IDF soldiers from the Gaza Strip:

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