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“Honoring Israel’s Bravest: IDF’s Comprehensive Support for Wartime Casualties and Their Families”

IDF Spokesperson:

National Appreciation Day for the casualties of Israel’s campaigns and enemy operations under wartime:

The IDF Chief of Staff to the wounded: “You, who were injured in our just war, were willing to sacrifice for the protection of the state. Through your injury, you saved lives.”

The IDF’s Casualty Department and Medical Corps, along with the Rehabilitation Department of the Ministry of Defense and the IDF Casualties Organization, provide comprehensive support for the wounded and their families from the day of injury throughout the years.

Since the beginning of the conflict, around 200 reserve officers have been placed in hospitals permanently, available 24/7, to aid the wounded and accompany them during their hospital stay.

The IDF salutes the wounded and casualties of the IDF who have sacrificed for the country and is dedicated to supporting them all the way.

Attached are the IDF Chief of Staff’s words, Major General Hertzi Halevy for the wounded soldiers of the IDF on the National Appreciation Day for Casualties of Israel’s campaigns and Enemy actions:

Here is the full speech of the IDF Chief of Staff:

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