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“Decoding the Elimination of Key Hamas Intelligence Figures by IDF and Shin Bet: A Strategic Blow to Terrorism in Gaza”

Joint announcement from IDF spokesperson and the Shin Bet spokesperson:

The IDF and the Shin Bet eliminated two senior figures in the intelligence network of the terrorist organization Hamas in the Gaza strip.

Combat aircraft guided by military intelligence and the Shin Bet eliminated a few days ago, Abd el-Aziz Rentisi, a senior figure in the military intelligence of the terrorist organization Hamas.

Rentisi was responsible for all of Hamas’s projections and took part in the planning of the brutal massacre on October 7.

He was killed in an attack on a central Hamas intelligence complex, along with him was also killed, a scout in the ‘Kara-rah’ battalion, Ahmed Ayush.

This complex concentrated all the projections from the entire strip and served as a significant strategic gathering for running the war of the terrorist organization Hamas, capable of issuing terror commands against IDF soldiers.

Included are pictures of the senior intelligence figures in the terrorist organization Hamas who were killed:

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