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“Battlefield Breakdown: IDF’s Intense Combat Against Hamas – Inside the 450 Target Attacks in Gaza Strip”

IDF Spokesperson:

The fighting in the Gaza Strip continues; around 450 targets were attacked in the last day; The 7th Brigade’s Fire Complex, along with Air Force aircraft, eliminated many terrorists in Khan Yunis; Naval forces attacked and destroyed terrorist infrastructures of the Hamas terrorist organization.

IDF soldiers operating in the Strip continue to battle terrorists, in locating and destroying underground tunnels, means of warfare, and additional terrorist infrastructures. Over 450 targets were attacked from the air, sea, and land in the last day.

As part of the 7th Brigade’s operations in Khan Yunis, the Brigade’s Attack Cell directed several Air Force aircraft that eliminated many Hamas terrorists. The wave of attacks lasted about two hours and was continuous and focused.

Three terrorists identified by the soldiers were attacked by a remotely piloted aircraft. Two of the terrorists were killed and the third revealed their location to other terrorists who hid in a military building where they planned to fire rockets at our forces.

The land attack complex, together with Air Force aircraft, continuously eliminated the terrorists in aerial attacks.

Said the Commander of the 7th Brigade’s Fire Support Team, Lt. Col. “N”: “The steadfast and professional work of the Fire Support team in collaboration with the Brigade’s ground and Air Force forces led to the swift closure of the circle – we located and eliminated all the terrorists in the incident”.

Additionally, in the last day, many naval forces attacked terrorist infrastructures used by Hamas’s naval forces in central and southern Gaza with shells and precise fire, to broadly harm their naval and intelligence capabilities.
Among the targets attacked, were military sites and positions where organization’s terrorists operated, observation posts, and warehouses where warfare means were stored.
The forces continue to closely collaborate with land-based forces and attack terrorist infrastructures in maritime areas.

Attached is footage of the elimination of terrorists in the operations of the 7th Brigade Combat Team:

Attached is footage of the naval forces’ operations:

Attached is footage of IDF’s attacks in the last day:

Attached are photos from the forces’ operations:

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