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“Decoding IDF Operations: Unearthing Terrorist Cells, Launch Sites, and Explosives in the Gaza Strip”

IDF spokesperson:

Documentation – Forces from the Artillery Brigade identified armed terrorists with shoulder-launched missiles using a drone; an aircraft attacked and destroyed the cell; IDF soldiers continue to advance in the Gaza Strip.

Commando forces from the Artillery Brigade with soldiers from the 636th Collection Battalion identified armed terrorists with shoulder-launched missiles in the Shuja’iyya area. The brigade’s firepower directed an aircraft that eliminated the terrorists.

During the operation of a brigade combat team from the 460th Brigade in the Jabalia area, the soldiers discovered explosive devices, a Kalashnikov, and an RPG hidden in bags and cases of UNRWA inside a residential house. In addition, a truck full of long-range rockets was found near a school in the area.

During sweeps to clear the area of tunnels and explosives in Jabalia, reserve soldiers from the 551st Brigade found a tunnel for the production of war equipment and a launch site of the Hamas terrorist organization with about 50 launchers, some of them loaded for launch.

Aircrafts directed by ground forces during the last day eliminated dozens of terrorists. Among them, forces from Brigade 7 identified armed terrorists coming out of a clinic and directed an aircraft to eliminate them.

Attached is documentation of the attack on armed terrorists with shoulder-launched missiles:

Attached is documentation of the discovery of explosive devices inside a residential house:

Attached is documentation of the IDF attacks in the Gaza Strip:

Attached are photos from the forces’ operations:

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