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“Boosting Battle Readiness: IDF’s ‘Precious Time’ Program Enhances Northern Border Warfare Preparedness”

IDF Spokesperson:

“Precious Time”: IDF forces in regular and reserves are enhancing their readiness for warfare on the northern border.

Since the beginning of the war and concurrently with fighting on the northern border, IDF forces in regular service and reserves are conducting exercises to raise readiness for additional possible scenarios on the northern border as part of the “Precious Time” program.

The aim of the “Precious Time” program is to train the combat forces in reserves in parallel with various defense missions during emergencies. The program is a significant part of the forces’ readiness, with emphasis on reserve forces.

As part of the program, the forces conduct exercises day and night, training in missile operation, certification on various and diverse combat means, field exercises in built and open areas, from the division level to the battalion combat teams, in order to best simulate the multi-branched complexity in warfare, this alongside fulfilling all the defense missions on the northern border.

In addition, an initiative from the Northern Command has resulted in the establishment of a training center that includes shooting instructors, a mobile fire-control center, and shooting exercises with all types of combat equipment.

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