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“IDF Soldiers Uncover and Neutralize Hamas Missile Truck: Inside the Latest Gaza Strip Operations”

IDF spokesperson:

IDF soldiers continue to fight throughout the Gaza Strip; the fighters located a truck on which long-range missiles were installed.

Fighters from the Nahal Brigade and Combat Team 551 raided targets in the Jabalia area the last day. As part of the raid, the soldiers found a truck on which the Hamas terrorist organization had installed long-range missiles. As part of the operation, the soldiers found additional weaponry, including firearms. The soldiers destroyed the truck and the missiles.

In addition, Combat Team 7 raided the homes of senior Hamas officials in the heart of Khan Younis, where they uncovered a subterranean infrastructure that included water and electrical systems.

Furthermore, reservists from Combat Team 551, identified terrorists hiding in a structure in the Jabalia area during the day. In a joint operation with the Air Force, guided by the divisional fire complex, an aircraft attacked the structure and the terrorists were killed. Another structure was attacked in the area where an anti-tank position was identified; it was suspected to have been used for firing on IDF vehicles.

Included is a video in which Nahal Brigade soldiers present the truck and the missiles on it:

An attached image of the missiles that were found:

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