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“Decisive IDF Operations in Gaza: A Detailed Account of Attacks on Hamas, Weapon Discovery in School, and Night Assaults”

IDF Spokesperson:

IDF forces are attacking and advancing in Gaza; weaponry found in a school

Tens of aircraft from the Air Force attacked about 230 Hamas terrorist organization targets in the last day in the Gaza Strip.

Fire Complex of the 7th Brigade identified terrorists in a building in Khan Yunis. An Israeli Air Force combat aircraft destroyed the building and eliminated the terrorists. Later, the Complex identified and destroyed a rocket launcher aimed at Israeli territory.

In the framework of the ground activity of the 551 Reserve Combat Battalion in Jebaliya, the forces worked on a regulated evacuation of the southern population from a school compound. The soldiers searched the school and found numerous weapons in the area.

In a nightly operation, Naval forces attacked vessels intended for use by the naval forces of terrorist organizations in the Gaza Strip.

Fire Complex of the 14th Reserve Brigade identified terrorists in Shati. The reserve soldiers guided an Air Force aircraft to eliminate the terrorists from the air.

Attached is a video in which soldiers from the 551 battalion display the weaponry found in the school:

Attached is documentation of the IDF’s night attacks in the Gaza Strip:

Attached is documentation of force’s activity in the Gaza Strip:

Attached are photos of IDF forces activity at night:

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