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“Strategic IDF Operations: Neutralizing Threats and Uncovering Hidden Weaponry in Gaza”

IDF spokesperson:

Cooperation between ground troops and the Air Force led to the elimination of dozens of terrorists

As part of the ground operation in the Issa area in the southern city of Gaza, fighters from the Yiftah (11) brigade combat team, anticipating a planned ambush, carried out diversionary fire that caused dozens of terrorists to flee into a building that served as a Hamas command post. In collaboration with brigade fire and intelligence complexes, air force combat aircraft were directed to attack the building and eliminate the terrorists.

During the attack in the Issa area, the brigade’s observation team identified armed terrorists attempting to attack the forces and they were neutralized by sniper fire. Additionally, other terrorist infrastructures were identified, including buildings that served as military sites for Hamas in the area, which were attacked and destroyed by the guided force.

Combat Team 179 found a cache of weapons in a children’s garden in the Bakshe neighborhood in the center of the strip. Among other things, boxes of toys were found containing dozens of hand grenades, explosive heads, and RPG rockets.

During the operation of the 14th Brigade combat team in Gaza city, the forces identified an armed terrorist cell and directed aircraft and a combat plane of the air force that eliminated the cell.

Also, during the operation of the 14th Brigade combat team on the outskirts of Shati, the forces identified three terrorists who fired at our forces. The forces directed an aircraft and an air force combat helicopter that attacked and eliminated the three terrorists.

Attached is a documentation of the attack on armed terrorists who fired at our forces:

Attached is a documentation of the activities of the Yiftah (11) brigade combat team in the Issa area:

Attached is a documentation of the recent attacks in the Gaza Strip:

Attached are pictures of the force’s activities in the Gaza Strip:

Attached is a picture of the weapons found in the children’s garden:

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