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“Behind the Scenes of Air-Ground Military Cooperation: IDF’s Elite Squadrons in Action Against Terrorism”

IDF Spokesperson:

The soldiers’ eyes from the sky; special documentation of the cooperation between the Air Force and the ground forces in the elimination of terrorists in the fighting in Gaza.

Squadron 100 of the Air Force, alongside the intelligence gathering unit of the 9900 squadron, operates the “Zufit” and “Chafit” aircraft.

The aircraft team consists of pilots and air scouts who enable collection and visual visibility and real-time photography, performing a variety of tasks, providing air support to ground forces, giving accurate alerts about threats near the active forces, intelligence gathering, and interpreting the battlefield.

The provision of quality intelligence and the minimization of harm to unconcerned ones is performed by the aircraft team, performing tasks in the air. The crew accompanies forces and scans axes, deciphers visuals, carries out collection tasks, and uncovers terrorists.

Enclosed is documentation of the identification of the agents and their attack from the air:

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