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“Joint IDF Forces Combat Hamas: Strategic Strikes and Weapon Seizures in the Gaza Strip”

IDF Spokesperson:

The Naval Force, Land Forces, and Air Forces are jointly fighting Hamas in the Gaza Strip

“We just received a report from Brigade 14 that rockets are being fired at them. I am now sending you two targets – immediately attack the two targets”

The Naval, Land, and Air Forces continue to jointly fight across the Gaza Strip. The Naval fighters have attacked several Hamas terror targets, among them, terrorist cells identified near our forces, terrorists hiding in buildings near our forces, military posts, and positions from which shooting at our forces was identified.

In the last day, a fighter jet from the Air Force heading towards the command center of Brigade 98 eliminated a Hamas terror organization commander in the Khan Yunis area. Later, several terrorists who were identified near our forces holding a rocket were eliminated by an Air Force aircraft.

The combat team of Battalion 261 (Training Base 1) eliminated several terrorists who were in a terror infrastructure after the battalion’s sightings identified the suspects in the area, and the battalion’s fire complex directed a warplane from the Air Force that destroyed the infrastructure. Additionally, during the operation in Beit Lahia, several Hamas terrorist organization’s weaponry was tracked down, including Kalashnikov rifles, operative explosives with shrapnel, and warehouses.

Moreover, fighters from Battalion 4’s combat team raided a building in Khan Yunis, where they found weapons. Later, the fighters raided a Hamas terrorist’s house, which was a terror infrastructure, and destroyed it.

Attached is a clip of Naval strikes:

Attached is a clip from the Navy’s operations in combat:

Attached is a briefing from Lieutenant Colonel Y’, a commander of a platoon in Battalion 4, on the subject of purification and destruction of Hamas’ terror infrastructure:

Attached is a clip of fighters from Battalion 261 (Training Base 1) tracking down weapons in the Gaza Strip’s north:

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