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“IDF Strikes Hezbollah Targets in Response to Synagogue Attack: Inside the Latest Cross-Border Conflict”

IDF Spokesperson:

The IDF attacked targets of the Hezbollah terrorist organization in Lebanon; a building where the terrorist who fired a missile towards the synagogue in Shomera area took shelter was attacked

A short while ago, Air Force fighter planes attacked Hezbollah terrorist infrastructure in Lebanon territory. In addition, IDF observers identified a building where the terrorist who fired the missile at a synagogue in the Shomera area earlier today took refuge, and the IDF forces attacked the building.

As a result of the shooting towards Shomera area, several IDF soldiers who had come to evacuate a civilian previously injured at the point were wounded, one of the soldiers was severely injured and eight soldiers moderately and lightly wounded. The soldiers were evacuated for medical treatment at the hospital and their families have been notified.

Furthermore, shooting was identified towards the Dovev area which was carried out near a mosque located in the heart of the Yaroun village in southern Lebanon. In this attack, the Hezbollah terrorist organization once again proves its cynical exploitation of the citizens of southern Lebanon and the holy sites.

In addition, in the recent hours, a number of rocket launches towards Yiftach and Mount Dov areas. The IDF attacked the firing sources with tank and artillery fire.

Attached is documentation of the launch by the Hezbollah terrorist organization near a mosque:

Linked is documentation from IDF attacks:

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