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“Unveiling IDF’s Tactical Triumph: Air Force and Ground Operations Dismantle Terrorist Forces in Gaza Strip”

IDF Spokesperson:

Cooperation between the Air Force and ground forces leads to the elimination of terrorists; IDF continues to fight in the Gaza Strip.

An Air Force fighter jet, directed by the artillery and intelligence units of the Gaza Brigade, eliminated Adel Masmach, commander of the Nachaba Battalion of Dir al-Balakh. Masmach commanded terrorist forces in the area that spread to various locations on 10/7, sending Hamas terrorist forces to additional settlements in the area, including Beeri and Nir’Am. Masmach then led battle operations in the Strip against our troops.

As part of the ground operation in northern Gaza, the infantry battalion combat team Yiftach (11) attacked terrorist targets in the Abu al-Ata area in the Shejaiya neighborhood, which serves as a battleground for Hamas and the Islamic Jihad. During the operation, the troops stormed a command and control center of terrorist organizations. The combat team located a number of war tools in a mosque that served terrorist organizations.

In addition, during the operation, a squad of terrorists fired a mortar bomb at the soldiers and tried to harm them. An Air Force aircraft identified the launch and under the direction of Brigade 99, destroyed the launching position, and eliminated the terrorists.

Forces from the Commando Brigade identified a terrorist shooting rockets during an operation in the Khan Yunis area, the forces directed an Air Force aircraft that attacked and eliminated the terrorist.

During the night, the Naval forces attacked targets of the Hamas terrorist organization in the Gaza Strip. In addition, they continued with the attacks in order to assist troops operating in the Strip.

Enclosed is documentation of the fire towards IDF forces, the destruction of launch positions, and the elimination of the terrorist squad:

Enclosed is documentation from the attacks in the Gaza Strip over the last day:

Attached are photos from the activities of soldiers from Battalion 7220 in the Yiftach (11) Brigade in Shejaiya:

Attached are photos from the forces’ activities in the Strip over the last day:

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