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“Understanding October’s Events: IDF’s Commitment to Safety, Improvement, and Justice”

Events of the week in October. We need to start and understand what happened, in order to better protect the residents of the envelope and so that we can assure that this day will not repeat itself. So that we can bring them back to their homes with great confidence. Of course, the IDF is subject to the state echelon and respects it. We should be asked questions and be criticized. We are listening and learning from every statement, but the decision about the investigation is an operational need and an internal decision, and it is not a policy decision. The IDF wants and needs to be better. I am convinced that everyone understands and identifies with this desire.
These days we must remember, we are fighting a just war unlike any other, a war that was started by the murderous enemy, who slaughtered inhumanly with crime-soaked hands. We do not forget and will not forget, and we will continue to remind even those who try to deny this. We are fighting for our right to live here safely. The IDF fights professionally while operating according to its values and the principles of international law. The IDF, with all its soldiers and commanders, is fully focused on the war objectives; we will continue to fight until they are achieved.”

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