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“IDF Thwarts Hamas Weapon Transfers, Destroys Cache in Khan Yunis: A Detailed Account of Recent Operations”

IDF Spokesperson:

An attempt to transfer weapons in a truck used by Hamas was thwarted; Extensive operations in Khan Yunis: The IDF located and destroyed many weapons in recent days.

In Khan Yunis, forces of the 98th brigade identified two terrorists loading weapons onto a truck. An aircraft from the Israeli Air Force, directed by the brigade’s fire control center, struck the truck, destroyed the weapons, and killed the terrorists who attempted to flee into a nearby building.

The Seventh Brigade’s combat team raided an operational command post of the Hamas terror organization in the city, confiscating Kalashnikov rifles, handguns, grenades, RPG rockets, and diving equipment belonging to Hamas’s naval force.

Also in Khan Yunis, IDF forces destroyed two weapon caches from the ground and from the air in the last day, attacked military buildings of the Hamas terror organization, and located weapons, explosives, and even weapon storage in a children’s bedroom closet in a Hamas terrorist’s home.

In the northern Gaza Strip, IDF observers identified several terrorists in an area where our forces were operating. The northern brigade’s fire complex in the Gaza division directed an Israeli Air Force aircraft to the location and five terrorists were killed.

Attached is footage of IDF attacks in the strip:

Attached are photos of the weapons located in recent days:

Attached are photos from the force’s operations in the Gaza Strip:

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