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“Unmasking Terror Undercover: IDF Brigade 646’s Raid on Bomb Factories and Hidden Rebels in Gaza’s Nuseirat Camp”

IDF spokesperson:

Terrorists in a school and bomb-manufacturing facilities: The fighting team of Brigade 646 operates in Nuseirat

Soldiers of Brigade 646 are operating in the area of Nuseirat camp in central Gaza Strip. In the camp, the forces located a complex for producing mortar bombs, a rocket manufacturing factory, and weapons that were stored in a building of a humanitarian organization.

Intentionally, the forces searched a school in the area; as part of the sweep, the soldiers found eight Hamas terrorists hiding in the school. The terrorists were arrested and taken for further investigation by security forces. In addition, a weapons storage was found in the school area containing a large quantity of weaponry.

Attached is documentation of the operations of the combat team of Brigade 646 in the Gaza Strip:

Attached are photos of the weapons found in the area:

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