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“Chief of Staff’s Strong Message to Region: Israel Intends to Live Here Amidst Ongoing Conflict – IDF Yahalom Unit at the Forefront”

IDF Spokesperson:

The Chief of Staff to the fighters of the Yahalom unit: Our statement is clear to the entire region – we intend to live here.

The Chief of Staff visited today (Monday) the Yahalom unit of the Combat Engineering Corps, which is fighting on all fronts these days.

Here is footage from the Chief of Staff’s conversation with the fighters:

Attached is documentation on the subject:

Pictures of the subject are attached:

The full remarks are as follows: “In this campaign, we are making a very clear statement to the entire region – the State of Israel wants to live here, there are many reservists here, we’ve brought them from their lives for already three months, from their family, from work, and from studies. The State of Israel wants to progress forward in routine, but when there are threats like these and when such things happen, all the country and the entire population are on call for the State, they gather to come and are truly ready to do everything, including risking their lives, and the statement is a statement to the entire region.
Those who mess with us in this way, even when something difficult happens, our responses are very sharp, very strong, very decisive. Such was the case in the last hundred days, and it will continue to be in the future until we complete all the tasks, until victory and it will be difficult, we still have many complexities ahead.
We experienced terror today also in Ra’anana, see, it draws inspiration from things in Gaza. And look at the brutality, these aren’t brave men who come to fight you, soldiers and army, these are people who come into a city and attack civilians in their day-to-day routine, and run over sidewalks, and there is only one response to such things. Tonight we will deploy forces in Gaza, to continue fighting the terrorists, we will deploy forces in Judea and Samaria to continue fighting terror infrastructures, we will deploy forces on the Lebanon border to continue fighting and destroying terror infrastructures. In all these places every night the Yahalom unit is present, great appreciation to you, to all those who are not here now in activities and towards activities.”

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