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“Inside IDF’s Ongoing Battle: Advanced Tactics and Elimination of Terror Threats in Khan Yunis”

IDF Spokesperson:

The fighting in the Gaza Strip continues; Soldiers from Brigade 98 continue to eliminate terrorists and locate war materials and military equipment deep in Khan Yunis.

The soldiers of the Maglan unit, operating under the commando brigade, conducted raids on several terror targets deep in Khan Yunis, including a weapons warehouse where a large amount of ammunition, weapons, and various technological means were found.

The fire complex of the commando brigade directed an aircraft that eliminated three terrorists who were burying explosives near the forces. At the same time, the soldiers of the Egoz unit continue to eliminate many armed terrorists from close range.

The soldiers from the Givati brigade combat team eliminated a large number of terrorists in various clashes in the vicinity of Khan Yunis. In one of the clashes, seven terrorists who fired RPG missiles at the soldiers and were identified inside a building were killed by tank shell fire. The soldiers also eliminated additional terrorists who were armed with Kalashnikov rifles.

In Khan Yunis, the fire complex of Brigade 7 eliminated a terrorist by directing an aircraft while he was setting up an observation post to guide fire on our forces.

Included are photos from IDF activities in the territory of the strip:

Attached is documentation of IDF attacks in the territory of the strip:

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