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“Decimating Terrorist Forces: IDF’s Comprehensive Counter-Offensive in Gaza Strip Uncovered”

IDF spokesperson:

IDF forces continue to eliminate terrorists from the air, sea, and land throughout the Gaza Strip; the combat team of the Paratrooper Brigade stormed a building that served the commander of the Khan Yunis Brigade for conducting warfare.

In the west of Khan Yunis, the combat team of the Paratrooper Brigade eliminated terrorists who were near the forces with short-range fire. In the last day, they stormed a multi-story building that served the Khan Yunis Brigade commander for conducting warfare and found many weapons inside, including a Kalashnikov, magazines, military equipment, and technological means. A terrorist who approached the brigade forces armed with a knife and threw two grenades at the fighters was shot dead by them. In other raids by the forces, a cache of RPG rockets was found inside the terrorists’ homes.

The combat team of the Givati Brigade in the Khan Yunis area eliminated a terrorist who was spotted approaching the forces. Also, the Brigade’s artillery force targeted an aircraft that attacked and killed two terrorists who were spotted approaching the building. In addition, a combat aircraft killed a sniper from the Islamic Jihad terrorist organization, directed by the Fire Control Center of the 98th Division.

In the north of the Strip, the combat team of the 401 Brigade eliminated seven Hamas terrorists. During raids on multiple buildings, the brigade fighters found seven Kalashnikov rifles, three pistols, military equipment, lots of ammunition, and grenades.

In airstrikes by the Air Force in the last day across the Strip, combat aircraft attacked several Hamas terrorist organization targets, including terrorist infrastructures and launch sites.

Sea Corps forces continue to assist ground forces operating in the Gaza Strip with fire and observation from the sea. In the last day, the forces attacked several targets serving terrorist organizations in the Gaza Strip, including terrorist infrastructures and a building where terrorists were identified.

Attached are pictures from IDF forces’ activity in the Strip:

Attached is documentation from IDF attacks in the Strip:

Attached is documentation from IDF forces’ activity in the Strip:

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