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“Decisive IDF Operations: Overcoming Terrorism in Khan Yunis and the Strip – A Detailed Report”

IDF spokesperson:

IDF soldiers continue to operate in the Strip; during the activity in the west of Khan Yunis, the combat team of the 7th Brigade eliminated over 30 terrorists. Paratroopers eliminated terrorists who tried to move under the cover of the civilian population, and the 414 unit located and eliminated terrorists who transported explosives on a motorcycle.

In the last day, the forces of the 98th Division continued operations in the west of Khan Yunis, during which the combat team of the 7th Brigade eliminated over thirty terrorists while deepening operational control in the area and conducting raids on terror infrastructures, sniper ambushes, and patrols.

Also in Khan Yunis, paratroopers eliminated two terrorists who tried to move under the cover of the civilian population when one of the terrorists was identified aiming a gun at a protected vehicle of the force. The force reacted immediately and eliminated the terrorist.

Also, in Khan Yunis area, soldiers from unit 414 located several terrorists who carried explosives on a motorcycle. The soldiers directed an aircraft that attacked and eliminated the cell.
The gunfire of the 98th Division directed attacks on two weapon warehouses located inside the houses of terrorists.

In the center of the Strip, the combat team of the Nahal Brigade eliminated about ten terrorists in the last day. As part of the activity, the divisional firepower detected a cell of terrorists who entered a building from which they prepared to fire mortars at our forces. Within minutes, a raid was conducted on the terrorists and the combat aircraft eliminated the cell.

Attached is a document of the attack on the terrorists who carried explosives and were identified by the soldiers of unit 414:

Attached is a document from IDF attacks in the Strip:

Attached are photos from IDF forces operating in the Strip area:

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