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“Inside the IDF’s Intense Counter-Terror Operations: Ground Battles, Air Strikes, and Tactical Advances in Gaza Strip”

IDF spokesperson:

The 162nd Division embarked on a raid in the Zeitun area in the north of the Strip, during the operation many terrorists were killed and numerous weapons were located; simultaneously, forces of the 98th Division are intensifying their battle in Khan Yunis.

The combat team of the 401st Brigade recently operated in the Zeitun neighborhood, south of Gaza City, and killed dozens of terrorists in ground confrontations and with the aid of directed aircraft.

The fighters cleared the area and raided suspicious buildings. They located weapons, RPGs, and Kalashnikovs inside a residential building during the operation.
The fighters identified a terrorist in the area with a drone, and after identification, initiated contact and took him out.

The brigade’s fire complex coordinated with the Air Force to stage several aircraft attacks, including military aircraft and helicopters forming a circle and eliminating terrorists who fired mortars at our forces, striking the targets from which the fire erupted.

The Air Force conducted a number of flights throughout Zeitun, under the planning of the 215th Fire Brigade. Tens of targets were hit, including terrorist infrastructures that threatened our forces, observation posts, ammunition warehouses, and underground targets.

In the south of the Strip, forces are intensifying the battle in Khan Yunis with combat brigade teams, who are raiding terrorist targets and eliminating dozens of terrorists each day.

The brigade combat team fighters of Givati attacked new areas east of Khan Yunis and during their fight, they killed many terrorists yesterday.
Fighters from the brigade combat team of the Paratroopers advance and extend their attack west of Khan Yunis, and eliminated terrorists last night with precise sniper fire, destroying terrorist infrastructures. In addition, the brigade’s fire complex of 7 took out two terrorists with an aircraft who were moving armed toward our forces on motorcycles.

The Commando Brigade fighters also extended their attacks on the west of Khan Yunis and took out a number of terrorists. During the battles with the terrorists, the Egoz unit fired an RPG at a terrorist, and hit him precisely.

Enclosed is footage from IDF attacks in the Strip:

Attached are photos from the forces’ activities:

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