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“Rapid Response: How IDF Forces Neutralized Terrorists Launching Attacks in Less Than 30 Minutes”

IDF Spokesperson:

In the center of the strip, the terrorists who fired rockets at Be’er Sheva and the courtyards were eliminated in less than 30 minutes; 98th Division forces attack in west Khan Yunis.

The day before yesterday (Saturday), terrorists of the Islamic Jihad fired rockets at the courtyards and Be’er Sheva. Less than 30 minutes from the moment of launch, the Nahal Brigade Battalion’s fire complex identified the group of terrorists and directed an aircraft that attacked and eliminated them.

Combat team members of the Nahal Brigade eliminated 15 terrorists during the last day, with sniper fire, aircraft, and with the assistance of tanks. In one of the encounters, the combatants detected a group of terrorists entering a Hamas military compound. An aircraft attacked and eliminated the terrorists.

During the last day, 98th Division forces began an attack in the west of Khan Yunis, during which they cordoned off the “Hamad” neighborhood and raided the neighborhood area. Combat teams of the Givati Brigade, 7th Brigade, and the Commando Brigade are attacking terror targets and eliminating terrorists operating from the civilian area.

The 7th Brigade’s combat team led the evacuation of the civilian population in the last day and arrested about 80 suspects involved in terrorist activity, including Hamas and Islamic Jihad terrorists who tried to escape under the cover of the population. The combat team of the “Bizzle” Brigade (828) continues attacks on the Kara’ara area.

Here is footage of the elimination of terrorists who fired rockets at Be’er Sheva and the courtyards:

Here is footage from IDF forces’ operations in the strip:

Attached are photos on the subject:

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