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“Israel Defense Forces Counter Rocket Attacks: A Detailed Analysis of IDF Operations in Gaza”

IDF Spokesperson:

Within a few minutes, the forces of Brigade 162 attacked the area from which the rockets were fired yesterday towards Sderot and Nahal Oz; meanwhile, the forces of Brigade 98 continue to operate in the Hamad neighborhood.

Yesterday (Thursday), a rocket was fired from the Gaza Strip towards Israel and an alert was activated in the Nahal Oz area. A few minutes later, artillery fire was carried out by the 215 Fire Brigade in Brigade 162 on the rocket launching area, and a weapon warehouse was attacked, which likely stored the fired rockets.
Also, additional rocket fire was carried out from the Gaza Strip towards Israel and alerts were activated in the Sderot area. Within a few minutes, artillery fire was carried out towards the sources of the shooting and additional attacks by fighter jets in the shooting area, which included attacks on combat tunnels, a military building, a tunnel opening, and a rocket launching post that was used to fire rockets towards Israel.

In Khan Yunis, the combat team of the 828 Brigade continues to carry out intense attacks on the al-Qarara region, locating tunnel openings, and eliminating about 15 terrorists. On one occasion, the combatants identified a terrorist cell about to attack the forces, and a drone neutralized the cell.

While fighting in the Hamad neighborhood in Khan Yunis, the combat team of the 7th Brigade located and destroyed rocket launchers. Furthermore, a drone attacked and eliminated two armed terrorists after they were identified by the brigade forces coming out from a weapon warehouse.
In raids in the neighborhood, the combat team of the Givati Brigade located many weapons, eliminated and arrested several terrorists in the area.

Commando Brigade soldiers continue to raid buildings in the Hamad neighborhood.
Magen unit soldiers eliminated a terrorist who shot at the forces and arrested two Hamas terrorists armed with a Kalashnikov rifle.
During the searches in buildings, Egoz unit combatants identified a hiding terrorist holding a hand grenade, the combatants neutralized him by close range shooting.

The paratrooper’s combat team continues to operate in the central strip and eliminated about 15 terrorists over the past day, through sniper fire, drone strikes and air raids.

In one operation, the brigade’s fire complex identified a terrorist cell near our forces, and together with the ground forces and the air force, it encircled and eliminated the four terrorists.

Attached is footage of the attacks in the Gaza Strip during the past day:

Attached are photos of the forces’ activity in the Gaza Strip:

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