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“IDF’s Ongoing Response: Eliminating Terror Threats and Destroying Rocket Launchers in the Gaza Strip”

IDF Spokesperson:

A terrorist who launched rockets towards Israeli territory was killed after being identified leaving the launch site; in the center of the Gaza Strip, Nahal forces destroyed rocket launchers from which rockets were fired towards Israeli territory.

98th Division forces continue to operate in the ‘Hamad’ neighborhood in Khan Yunis. The division’s combat team from the Commando Brigade continues to carry out raids on terror targets deep in the neighborhood. Soldiers from the Egoz Unit in a military building found combat equipment, including Kalashnikov firearms, explosives, and additional military gear.

In the past day, the Air Force attacked a terrorist who launched mortar shells at Israeli territory. The Firepower Array of the 98th Division traced the source of the fire, identified the terrorist as he left the launch site, and directed an aircraft that attacked him. In response to the launches, fighter jets guided by the southern command’s fire center attacked military buildings and terror infrastructures.

The combat team of the Givati Brigade directed an aircraft that annihilated a cell of four terrorists, in the ‘Hamad’ neighborhood, the terrorists tried to plant an explosive near a building where our troops were stationed.

162nd Division soldiers continue to operate in the north and center of the Gaza Strip.
In the past day, the combat team of the Nahal Brigade located a number of rocket launchers from which rockets were fired at Israel, following intelligence guidance. The force cleared the area and destroyed the rocket launchers. In another incident, two rockets were fired towards the soldiers operating in the area. In response, the forces located the terrorists who exited the area where the rockets were launched, and an aircraft attacked them. Our forces were not injured in the incident.

Attached is footage of the attacks in the Gaza Strip:

Attached are photos from the forces’ operations in the Gaza Strip:

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