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“IDF and Shin Bet Crackdown: 20 Terrorists Eliminated, Assets Seized in Shifa Hospital Operation”

Joint message from the IDF Spokesperson and the Shin Bet Spokesperson:

The IDF and the Shin Bet have so far killed about 20 terrorists during operations in the Shifa Hospital, and have arrested dozens who are currently under investigation.

IDF and Shin Bet forces, led by the 162nd Division, the 401st brigade combat team, and special forces from the 13th flotilla, continue their operations in the Shifa Hospital in a focused effort to thwart terrorism.

Inside the hospital, terrorist funds were found that were designated for distribution among Hamas’ terrorists in the hospital. In addition, numerous weapons were found within the hospital. IDF forces continue their operational activities and sweeps in the area.

Attached are photos of the terrorist organizations’ funds from the PLO and Hamas:

Attached is documentation of the terrorist funds found by the fighters inside the hospital:

Attached is documentation of the weapons found by the fighters in the hospital:

Attached are photos of the weapons found:

Attached is documentation from the fighting inside the hospital:

Sync of the 13th flotilla’s fighters sample:

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