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“IDF and Shin Bet Strike: Key Hamas Leaders Eliminated in Rafah Operation”

Joint message for IDF spokesperson and Shin Bet spokespersons:

The IDF and Shin Bet eliminated senior members of the emergency committees of Hamas in Rafah; they are responsible for organizing terrorist activities and liaising with Hamas activists on the ground.

Under the intelligence direction of the Military Intelligence Directorate and Shin Bet, Air Force fighter jets attacked the other day (Monday) senior members of the Hamas emergency committees in the Rafah area, who assisted the terror group’s military wing in establishing continued control and activity on the ground.

In the attack, Sid Katib AlHashash, Osama Hamad Chehir, and Mohammed Uch AlMalulchi were killed, who were heads of emergency committees in the north and east of Rafah. Alongside them was also killed Hadil Abu AlRos, who was the operations officer of the emergency committees.

The seniors were representatives of the Hamas leadership in Rafah, worked to focus the organizational activity of Hamas in humanitarian areas, and were responsible for all movement and liaison with organization activists on the ground.

Their elimination follows the elimination of Nechel AlEid who was attacked last week and who served as chairman of the emergency committees in the Rafah district, and even managed all the movement activities of the district.

Attached is a picture of the eliminated:

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