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“Inside the Combat Zone: IDF and ISA Forces’ Precise Operations Against Hamas and Islamic Jihad in Gaza Strip”

IDF Spokesperson:

Footage from the center of the Strip: A terrorist was identified in a tunnel shaft near our forces and was eliminated from the air; IDF and ISA forces continue their precise combat in the Shifa Hospital and in the Al Amal area.

IDF and ISA forces continue in their focused combat in the area of Shifa Hospital. The combat teams from 401 Brigade, Nahal Brigade, and 13th Squadron under the command of 162nd Division are fighting in the area while avoiding harm to civilians, patients, medical teams, and medical equipment.

Until now, the combatants have arrested about 500 terrorists who were confirmed to be affiliated with the terrorist organizations Hamas and Islamic Jihad, and they have located weaponry in the area.

IDF and ISA Soldiers led by 98th Division continue raids on terror infrastructures in the Al Amal area, after having captured the area. Over 20 terrorists were killed during the fighting in the area in the last day during confrontations and aerial strikes.

Field investigators from Unit 504 and ISA officers have interrogated dozens of suspects in the last day and have enabled hundreds of Gaza residents to exit the area. During raids conducted by commando brigade soldiers on several terror infrastructures in the area, explosives, RPG weapons, and military equipment were found.

The combat team of the Nahal Brigade continues to operate in the center of the Strip and has eliminated several terrorists over the last day. As part of the forces’ sniper ambush, a terrorist was identified exiting and entering a tunnel shaft near their sector; an aircraft quickly eliminated the terrorist.

Over the last day, airforce fighter jets have attacked about 50 terror targets across the Strip, including terror infrastructures and military buildings.

In additional airforce strikes, combat helicopters and aircraft have eliminated about 10 terrorists and attacked additional terror targets to aid the ground forces.

Attached is footage of IDF attacks in the Gaza Strip:

Attached is footage of the elimination of the terrorist in the tunnel shaft in the center of the Strip:

Attached are pictures of the forces’ efforts in the Strip:

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