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“IDF and Shin Bet’s Strategic Attacks: Eliminating Threats and Protecting Israel”

IDF spokesperson:

IDF soldiers destroyed rockets in the center of the Strip that were aimed at Israeli territory; IDF and Shin Bet continue their targeted combat at Shifa hospital while the 98th Division operates in the south of the Strip.

IDF and Shin Bet forces continue their targeted combat in the area of Shifa hospital. The fighting units of the 401st Brigade, Nahal Brigade, and Shayetet 13 under the command of the 162nd Division are fighting in the area while avoiding harming civilians, patients, medical teams, and medical equipment.
In the past day, the soldiers continued to eliminate terrorists and locate military means and terrorist infrastructure in the area.

The fighting squad of Nahal Brigade continues to fight in the center of the Gaza Strip and as part of the operations together with the Air Force, several terrorists were killed throughout the day.
The brigade soldiers, guided by intelligence, located and destroyed several rockets in the area that were aimed at Israel.
In one of the strikes, the forces identified a cell of terrorists in a building near them. With quick coordination, they killed them with a fighter plane strike. The forces identified additional terrorists in their area and eliminated them by shooting.

The 98th Division forces, in cooperation with Air Force continues to operate in Khan Younis in the areas of Al-Amal and Al-Qarara, spreading in the area across the terrorist infrastructure and eliminating terrorists during encounters and air strikes.

The fighters of the commando squad encountered a terrorist during a raid on a building and eliminated him. Also, the forces located military equipment in the building.

The 7th brigade combat team forces destroyed terrorist infrastructure and during sweeps located weapons including grenades and charges. The forces eliminated a terrorist cell by tank fire.

The combat squad of the Givati Brigade destroyed a weapons warehouse where many weapons were found.

Under the control of the Southern Command’s Fire Center and the Air Force, a military building in Nuseirat that served Hamas for terrorist activities was targeted.

Meanwhile, the Air Force continues with aerial assistance as part of the ground round in the Gaza Strip. In one of the dozens of strikes that the Air Force executed in the last day, a combat plane attacked a military building. This, after the raiding commando soldiers reported terrorist fire from the building towards them.

Photos of rockets located by Nahal’s soldiers are attached:

Photos from IDF forces operation in the Strip:

Footage from IDF strikes in the Strip attached:

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