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“IDF Strikes Back: A Comprehensive Review of Today’s Counterattacks on Hezbollah in Lebanon”

IDF spokesman:

The IDF performed a series of strikes in Lebanon, including a quick closure of the launching site from which rockets were fired into Biranit earlier today.

Earlier today, two launches were detected from Ein Al- Shaab region in southern Lebanon into Biranit area. Within a few minutes, in a quick response and close collaboration of the 146th Division and the Air Force, an aircraft attacked the launcher from which the rockets were fired. Additionally, a few hours ago, combat aircraft attacked a military structure of Hezbollah terrorist organization near the attacked launcher.

A short time ago, combat aircraft attacked a suspected terrorist military building in the Mis El Jabal region. In addition, throughout the day, combat aircraft attacked a series of targets of the Hezbollah terrorist organization in the Shebaa area in southern Lebanon, including military structures and terrorist infrastructures.

Also, during the night, an IDF force attacked a Hezbollah launching station in the Yaroun area.

Attached is footage from the attacks:

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