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“Commando Brigade Cracks Down on Terror: Inside the IDF’s Tunnel Raid in Khan Younis”

IDF spokesperson:

Detection and destruction of weapons in a tunnel; documentation from the combat team of the Commando Brigade in the ‘Al Amal’ neighborhood in Khan Younis.

Warriors of the combat team of the Commando Brigade fought in the ‘Al Amal’ neighborhood in Khan Younis. The fighters conducted house to house searches, consciously, with foot raids to locate weapons, eliminate enemies and dismantle terror infrastructures in the area. So far, over a hundred locations have been searched in the neighborhood and in each search, a terror infrastructure was found.

During the fighting, the forces discovered a tunnel network of about 900 meters, within the network were living quarters and many weapons. After an examination by the Yahalom unit, the fighters detonated the network tunnel. Near one of the holes, a terrorist was eliminated.

Throughout the fighting, the warriors were stationed at strategic points, eliminated terrorists and attacked operational areas through precise strikes. In one case, the forces eliminated two activists and a team commander from the Hamas terror organization using a precision missile.

Attached is documentation of the combat of the Commando Brigade soldiers in the Al Amal neighborhood and in Khan Younis:

Attached are photos of weapons found in the tunnel network:

Photos on the subject are attached:

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