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“IDF Strikes: How the Israeli Air Force Thwarts Hamas’ Exploitation of Humanitarian Spaces for Terrorism”

IDF speaker:

Documentation: After the terrorist organization Hamas carried out launches towards the Eshkol region from a humanitarian space in Khan Yunis; The IDF accurately attacked and destroyed the launchers that were located in the area.

Following intelligence information and operational identifications that were formulated in the Southern Command, the Air Force fighter planes recently completed several attacks that led to the destruction of three launching positions used by the terrorist organization Hamas.
The launch sites were located in the humanitarian space in the west of Khan Yunis and during the war launches were carried out from them towards the south of the country.

Before the attack, the IDF ensured the evacuation and departure of the area’s residents, and accurately attacked the launchers, without injuring unrelated people.

This is another clear example of the cynical and systematic exploitation that the terrorist organization Hamas makes of facilities and humanitarian spaces for the purposes of terrorism, while using the civilian population as a human shield.

In addition, last night (Tuesday) three launches were identified that crossed from the Khan Yunis area towards the Eshkol region and fell in an open area.
A short time later, an aircraft of the Air Force attacked and destroyed the position from which the launch was carried out, alongside other terror infrastructures that were near the position.

Included are infographics including the launchers that were placed in the humanitarian area:

Attached is footage of the destruction of the launchers in the humanitarian area:

Attached is footage of the attack on the launcher from which a launch was made towards the Eshkol region last night, alongside terror infrastructures near it:

Attached are photos from the forces’ activity in the Gaza Strip:

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