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“IDF Strikes Hezbollah Military Targets in Southern Lebanon: An In-Depth Analysis of Recent Conflict”

IDF Spokesperson:

A military structure beside a military infrastructure where a Hezbollah terrorist was identified; IDF attacked terror targets in southern Lebanon.

A short time ago, fighter jets attacked a military infrastructure of the Hezbollah terror organisation in the El-Hiyam area where a terrorist from the terror organization was staying.

During the night, fighter aircraft attacked a military building of the Hezbollah terror organisation in the village of Kila in southern Lebanon.

Earlier today, a Hezbollah terrorist organisation’s bomb that crossed Lebanese territory fell in an open area in the Rosh Hanikra region, no casualties reported.

Following the alerts that were triggered earlier today in the Upper Galilee region, a missile was launched at a suspected aerial target that crossed from Lebanon, after checking it appears that it was a false identification.

Attached is documentation of the attack on the military infrastructure where a terrorist from the Hezbollah terror organisation was staying:

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