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“Major General Raffi Milo’s Statement on Defense Policy Changes and New Regulations: IDF Home Front Command’s Preparedness for Current Challenges”

IDF Spokesperson:

Home Front Command’s Commander: “We come prepared and strong in both defense and offense; continue to adhere to the instructions”

Please find a link to a recording from the Home Front Command’s Commander, Major General Raffi Milo:

Attached is a summary of the situation led by the Home Front Command’s Commander:

His full words are attached:
“We have been in a war on several fronts for more than half a year.
Throughout the war, we faced and grappled with a large number of challenges from a wide variety of threats, we learned and improved – we come prepared and strong in both defense and offense.
In light of the situation, we have decided to change our defense policy.
Starting tomorrow, there will be no educational activity anywhere in the country. Also, gatherings of over 1,000 people are banned.
You are required to continue to strictly follow and listen to the instructions, they may change according to the situation assessment.
Until today, your behavior and strict adherence to the instructions has been exceptional, keep it up – it saves lives.
The Home Front Command is spread and prepared throughout the entire country.
The warning system is ready and set, together with the heads of the authorities and the emergency organizations, we will face the challenge.”

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