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“Israeli Air Force Thwarts Dozens of Iranian Airborne Threats: A Detailed Report on the Successful Interception and Minimal Damage Sustained”

IDF Spokesperson:

Yesterday, the Air Force, together with our strategic partner countries, successfully intercepted dozens of airborne threats launched from Iran towards Israeli territory. Dozens of Air Force planes were deployed in the sky on a mission to protect the nation’s skies, successfully intercepting unmanned aerial vehicles and cruise missiles.

Of the hundreds of launches, only a few missiles penetrated Israeli territory, causing only minor damage to infrastructure at the Nevatim Base, near the road track and in the Hermon area.

Nevatim Base’s operation was not affected, the aircraft continued to take off and land, and to carry out defense and attack missions – both throughout the night and during the day.

IDF forces are deployed in all arenas, prepared and continuing to protect the State of Israel.

Attached are photos of the damage in the Hermon area:

Attached is a picture of the damage at Nevatim Base:

Attached is documentation of the damage at Nevatim Base and the continued operation of the aircraft:

Attached is footage of the interception of unmanned aerial vehicles and cruise missiles by air force combat planes:

Attached is a map showing the Iranian launches into Israeli territory yesterday:

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