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“Israeli Home Front Command’s Crucial Role in Ensuring Safety Amidst Multi-Front War: Exclusive Statement from Major-General Rafi Milo”

IDF Spokesperson:

Head of the Home Front Command: Continue to listen and act according to the instructions of the Home Front Command – they save lives.

Attached is a link from the Head of the Home Front Command, Major-General Rafi Milo:

See his full statement below:
“We are in a long, multi-front war. Through the entire war, we fight – constantly assessing conditions, with the war objectives and the security of the residents of the State of Israel before us.
On Saturday night, we dealt with an attack from Iran and its terror proxies.
The IDF, led by the Air Force, Intelligence Corps, and the rest of the army, effectively tackled the threats in order to protect the State of Israel, throughout the entire war and in the latest event.
The Home Front Command is working effectively with the heads of the authorities, local and regional councils, in order to enable a secure and practical routine during war times. Last evening and during nighttime hours, we assessed the situation regarding restrictions. Approaching midnight, understanding was reached and the decision was made to lift the restrictions, out of a desire to alleviate the defensive policy, while maintaining security. The opening of businesses and the return of parents to work were decided upon, and at midnight we decided to remove restrictions on education and gatherings.
I am aware of the difficulty of the heads of local and regional councils to organize during the nighttime hours, so the return to normality was gradual.
We are in a long war, changes can occur even in the coming days due to the situation assessment.
In conclusion, I want to note the meticulous adherence of the residents of the State of Israel to the instructions. Continue to listen and act according to the instructions of the Home Front Command, they save lives.”

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