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“Israeli Chief of Staff Commends Air Defense for High Readiness and Professionalism in Operation ‘Iron Dome’”

IDF Spokesperson:

The Chief of Staff to the Air Defense fighters: We are enabling almost a complete routine in the rear, thanks to your readiness and high level of professionalism.

The Chief of Staff, Lieutenant General Herzl Halevi, visited today (Tuesday) the “Arrow” battery of the 136th battalion in the Air Defense array with the commander of the Air Defense array, Brigadier General Gilad Biran.
During the visit, the Chief of Staff spoke with regular and reserve soldiers who took part in the ground-to-ground missile interception in the Iranian attack against Israel in Operation ‘Iron Dome’.

Attached is a video of the Chief of Staff’s words:

Attached are pictures on the subject:

His full comments are attached: “I am just finishing a visit here and I have previously seen both the results and the processes and the decisions made in the air defense system and also to understand a little bit about your roles and truly the connection between the training you do, the very high readiness you maintain, the very good results on Saturday night.
All of this combined is primarily excellent people and technological superiority, we need you in a very high readiness, knowing how to operate again and again, to maintain this readiness over time at a very high level of professionalism, very good readiness.
We are just before Passover and we are enabling in the rear a policy to allow the citizens this week to live almost routinely because we trust you a lot and the level of readiness and professionalism you hold. And I really tell you, all the citizens of the State of Israel rely heavily on you”.

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