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“99th Brigade Soldiers Honor Holocaust Remembrance Day in Gaza: A Glimpse into the Ceremonies and Reflections”

IDF spokesperson:

99th Brigade soldiers commemorate Holocaust Remembrance Day in the Gaza Strip

Ceremonies took place during today’s siren (Monday) and yesterday evening (Sunday) to mark Holocaust and Heroism Remembrance Day in the Gaza Strip, among the combat brigades operating under the 99th Brigade currently operating in the central Sderot area of the Strip.

In the ceremonies held, the soldiers and commanders commemorated Holocaust and Heroism Remembrance Day, delivered speeches, and had a discussion on the stories and memory of the six million who perished.

Attached is documentation of a memorial ceremony held by the 679th Brigade in the Strip yesterday:

Attached is a documentation of the soldiers standing during the siren in the combat area in the Strip:

Attached are photos on the subject:

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