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“IDF’s Strategic Assault on Hamas: A Detailed Breakdown of Military Operations in Gaza Strip”

IDF Spokesman:

The 98th Brigade forces began their operations in Jebalia tonight; the 162nd Brigade continues its focused activity in the east and at the Rafah Crossing; the 99th Brigade forces are fighting in the Zeitoun area; more than 150 targets were attacked by the Air Force throughout the Strip.

The 98th Brigade forces began an operation tonight in Jebalia in the northern part of the Strip, following intelligence information about the presence of terrorists and the rebuilding of Hamas terrorist organization infrastructure in the area.
Before the forces entered, combat aircraft and other Air Force vehicles attacked about 30 terrorist targets in the area and eliminated a number of Hamas terrorist organization terrorists.

Simultaneously, the 162nd Brigade forces, directed by military intelligence and the Shin Bet, continue their targeted activity in the east and at the Gaza-side of the Rafah Crossing. During the activity, combat soldiers from the Givati Brigade discovered and destroyed several tunnel openings and rocket launchers that were ready to launch towards Israeli territory.
In addition, combat soldiers from the 401st Brigade identified ten Hamas terrorists emerging from a terrorist infrastructure and carrying weapons. Air force vehicles and the combat team attacked the terrorists and eliminated them.

In Zeitoun in the north of the Strip, the activity of the 99th Brigade forces against the infrastructure and terrorists of Hamas in the area continues.
During the last day, the fighters have eliminated several terrorists in face-to-face confrontations, additional terrorists were killed in air force vehicle attacks, and weapons and terrorist infrastructures were destroyed. An air force vehicle eliminated two terrorists who were firing towards the forces operating in the area.

During the last day, aircraft and combat aircraft of the Air Force attacked and destroyed more than 150 terrorist targets throughout the Strip, in coordination with and directed by ground forces. Among the targets attacked were ready-to-launch rocket launchers, terrorist cells, weapons storerooms, military buildings, observation posts, tunnel openings and other terrorist infrastructures.

Attached is footage of IDF attacks in the Strip:

Attached is documentation of the organization and entry of the 98th Brigade forces into Jebalia:

Attached is documentation of the activity of IDF forces in the Strip:

Attached are photos of the forces’ activity in the Strip:

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