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“Joint IDF-ISA Operation: Elimination of Hamas Terrorist and Captor of Sgt. Martisiano – A Pledge to Israeli Security”

Joint message to IDF spokesperson and ISA spokespersons:

In a joint operation of the ISA and the IDF last Friday, the terrorist Na’im Gul, a military activist in the Hamas terror organization’s routine brigade in the Gaza Strip, was eliminated.

As part of his activities, he was involved in rocket fire towards Israeli territory and he was also responsible for the captivity of Sgt. Noa Martisiano, RIP, who was kidnapped during the events of 7.10 and died in the Shifa Hospital.

Moreover, just three months ago, another terrorist who took part in holding Sgt. Noa Martisiano, RIP, was eliminated.
The IDF shares Martisiano’s family’s grief and will continue to support them.

The IDF and the ISA will continue to act decisively to locate and thwart military terrorists who carry out terror tactics against Israeli citizens and are also involved in kidnapping and murder events.

Attached is the footage of the terrorist’s elimination:

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