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“IDF Neutralizes Senior Islamic Jihad Commander: A Blow to Anti-Israel Terror Plots in Lebanon”

IDF Spokesperson:

The IDF has eliminated a senior commander of the Islamic Jihad organization in Lebanon who cooperated with Hamas against Israel.

Earlier today, the IDF targeted and eliminated, using an air force aircraft in the Majdal Anjar area, the terrorist Sharhabil Ali al-Sid, a senior member of the Islamic Jihad organization in Lebanon.

Sharhabil, who worked on behalf of the Islamic Jihad organization, led and promoted many attacks and terror plots from Lebanese territory against Israel in the eastern sector recently, including collaboration with the Hamas terrorist organization’s branch in Lebanon.

His elimination was carried out in order to harm the organization’s ability to promote and carry out terror actions he had planned recently and in the near future against the State of Israel on the northern border.

Attached is footage of the elimination:

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