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“Decoding IDF’s Strategic Strikes: Targeting Hezbollah’s Terror Units and Weapon Warehouses in Southern Lebanon”

IDF Spokesperson:

*A weapons warehouse, a terrorist unit, and a launch site; documentation of attacks on Hezbollah’s terror targets in Southern Lebanon*

A short while ago, the Fire Brigade of the 91st Brigade identified a Hezbollah terrorist unit in the area of Mis Al-Jabal. Air Force fighter jets attacked the unit. The terrorist unit was at a launch site from which shots were fired towards our country in recent days.

Earlier today, Air force fighter jets attacked a weapons warehouse and a military building of the organization in the region of Al-Nakura in Southern Lebanon. During the attack, secondary explosions that indicate the presence of weapons in place were identified. Additionally, shooting to remove threat in Al-Nakura area was conducted.

Attached is documentation from the attacks:

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