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“Hezbollah’s Weapon Mastermind, Mohammad Ali Nazar Faran, Eliminated by Israeli Air Force”

IDF Spokesperson:

Responsible for the production infrastructure of Hezbollah’s strategic weapons in southern Lebanon; a central terrorist from the Hezbollah terror organization has been eliminated.

Early today (Thursday), an aircraft of the Air Force attacked and eliminated the terrorist Mohammad Ali Nazar Faran, responsible for the production infrastructure and arming of the Hezbollah terror organization’s weapon in southern Lebanon.

In recent years, the terrorist Nazar Faran has been engaged in producing strategic and unique weapons for Hezbollah, and part of the infrastructure he was responsible for in southern Lebanon has been attacked in recent months.

His elimination is part of the activities of the IDF and the security forces to harm the strengthening of the Hezbollah terror organization with weapons and warfare equipment intended to harm the Israeli home front.

Attached is footage from the elimination:

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