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“IDF Strikes Hezbollah’s Military Installations in Southern Lebanon: Unmanned Aircrafts Intercepted”

IDF Spokesperson:

The IDF attacked Hezbollah’s military buildings and observation posts in southern Lebanon

A short time ago, fighter jets attacked a series of targets of the terrorist organization Hezbollah in southern Lebanon. Among the targets attacked were Hezbollah’s military buildings in the areas of Ita al-Shaab, Arab al-Taitun, and Markaba, a military building, and two observation posts of the organization in the al-Adaisa area in southern Lebanon.

Following the alerts activated a short time ago in the north of the country due to a trespassing aircraft, two unmanned aircraft that crossed into Lebanese territory were identified. The air force’s fighter jets successfully downed one of them, another aircraft fell within the Kiryat Shmona area, no injuries were reported.

Attached is footage of IDF attacks in southern Lebanon:

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