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“IDF and Shin Bet Neutralize Hamas Battalion Commander: The Strategic Takedown of Husin Fiyaj’”

IDF Spokesperson:

The IDF and the Shin Bet eliminated the commander of the Beit Hanoun battalion of the Hamas terror organization in a subterranean space in Jabalia.

Combat teams of the 98th Brigade and special forces from the Air Corps and the Yahalom Unit have eliminated the terrorist Husin Fiyaj’, commander of the Beit Hanoun battalion in the Hamas terror organization, in a subterranean space.

Fiyaj’ was responsible for many rocket launchings into Israeli territory during the war, as well as many mortar shell launchings towards communities in the northern envelope.

The elimination of Fiyaj’ is part of the combat effort of the 98th Brigade above and below ground, to locate and destroy tunnel paths and eliminate the terrorists hiding in them.

Attached is the ID card of the terrorist Husin Fiyaj’:

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