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“Unmasking Hamas: IDF Uncovers Rocket Components in School Compound and Foils Terrorist Attempts in Gaza Strip”

IDF spokesperson:

IDF forces activity across the strip continues; dozens of rocket components have been located in a weapon storage located within a school compound in Jabalia.

98th Division forces continue to fight in the heart of Jabalia. The combat team of the 460 Brigade launched an intelligence-based raid on a war material storage located inside a school in Jabalia and found dozens of rocket components and war material there. This is further proof of Hamas terrorist organization’s cynical use of civilian infrastructure for terrorist purposes, using the civilian population as a human shield.

During the activity of the 162nd Division in the Rafah area, combat teams from the Givati, Nahal, and 401 Brigades eliminated terrorists trying to harm our forces and located several tunnels beside many weapons during area scans, including Kalashnikovs, RPGs, grenades, and explosives.

Combat teams from the 679th in the 99th Division, continues to operate in the center of the strip, where they eliminated a number of terrorists.

During the last day, aircraft and fighter jets of the Air Force attacked and destroyed more than 50 terror targets throughout the Gaza Strip. Among the targets that were attacked, military buildings, war material depots, rocket launchers, observation posts, terrorist cells, and additional military infrastructure. Two rocket launchers in the Rafah area were attacked during the night, which were aimed at firing towards the Kerem Shalom area.

Attached are pictures of the war material found by the 460th C4I soldiers within the school compound in Jabalia:

Attached are pictures of IDF forces activity in the strip:

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