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“Israeli and Greek Air Forces Illuminate Greek Skies: A Recap of Joint Long-Range Refueling Training”

IDF Spokesperson:

Lighting up the skies of Greece: A joint training of the Israeli Air Force and the Greek Air Force concluded

The training of the Israeli Air Force with the Greek Air Force in the skies of Greece concluded this week (Tuesday). As part of the training, which included day and night refueling by “Ram” type refueling aircrafts from Squadron 120 (the Air Force refueling squadron), dozens of Greek combat flights took off and refueled in mid-air. This training is part of the training program and is carried out as part of the regional collaboration between the two countries.

The refueling training of the Israeli Air Force with Greece takes place on a regular basis several times a year. The training simulates an operational flight and refueling of combat aircraft at long ranges, where for a number of hours combat aircraft join and receive fuel for the continuation of their mission.

The main mission of Squadron 120 is to support long-range operations, allowing the Air Force to be the “long arm” of the IDF. Aerial refueling is a crucial and necessary service in combat as the amount of fuel in combat aircraft is suitable for relatively short-range missions. Performing the refueling over Greek skies exposes the crews to flying over unfamiliar territory and area, coupled with different terrain and weather conditions, it provides practice for the Israeli and Greek crews.

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