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“Inside IDF’s Intense Combat: Uncovering Weapons, Destroying Terrorist Infrastructures, and Eliminating Threats in Gaza Strip”

IDF spokesperson:

The Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) attacked a building of the Al-Nour Association in the Darj Taifah area: troops continue to operate in the south and center of the Gaza Strip.

The 162nd division continues to fight based on precise intelligence in the Rafah region. The combat teams of the commando brigades, artillery corps, Givati, and Nahal have found many weapons in the area, including underground tunnels, ready-to-launch rockets, explosives, Kalashnikov rifles, and additional military equipment.

The 99th brigade continues to operate in the center of the Strip. The brigade’s forces have destroyed several terrorist infrastructures that were located in the area and posed a threat to our forces. At the end of the 679th Brigade’s combat team searches, a weapons cache was found with dozens of rocket components.
Additionally, the fighters, in collaboration with Air Force forces, closed in on a terrorist cell that had fired RPGs at them and eliminated it.

Yesterday, an Air Force aircraft attacked a building of the Al-Nour Association in the Darj Taifah area.
This association is recognized as a terrorist organization, due to its financing of Hamas.
As part of the association’s activities, millions of dollars were transferred which were used for terrorist activities in the Judea and Samaria area, while funding Hamas terrorists.
Additionally, the association raises funds from terrorist movements and transfers them to families of killed or imprisoned Hamas activists in Israel.

During this week, fighter aircraft attacked in the Khan Yunis area and eliminated the terrorist Salama Barakah.
Barakah served as a Hamas activist in the East Khan Yunis regiment and simultaneously as the head of the finance department in the Hamas administration.

Attached are images of IDF forces’ activities in the Strip:

Attached is documentation of the elimination of the terrorist Salama Barakah in Khan Yunis:

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